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Анонсы турниров : Первенство Европы среди молодежи
Написал destroyer в 2008/5/27 20:55:30 (4855 прочтений)

Публикуем положение о первенстве Европы среди молодежи, которое пройдет в Польше с 1 по 7 августа 2008 г.
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European Draughts Confederation
Office: Vene 29, 10123 Tallinn Estonia, tel +372 5072989, +372 5153484, +372 6446174,
Fax : +372 6998040, e-mail: viktoria@europedraughts.org
10th European Youth Championship
1. Under the auspices of the European Draughts Confederation (EDC), Polish
Draughts Federation, sporting club “Salos” and Szczecin City Hall organize the 10th
European Youth Championship.
2. The tournament will take place in Szczecin, Ku Sloncu Street 124 from 1st to 7th
of August 2008 (arrival day 31st of July).
3. Only the players of the national Federation affiliated to the FMJD can participate.
EDC has a right to invite some players from new countries (never been members of
4. The following 8 championships will be played (separately for boys and girls).
4.1. Junior – players born 1st of January 1989 or later
4.2. Cadets – players born 1st of January 1992 or later
4.3. Mini cadets – players born 1st of January 1995 or later
4.4. European Hopes - players born 1st of January 1998 or later
5. There are three places for every Federation in each tournament (= maximum 24
players).The organizing Polish Draughts Federation has an additional sponsor place
in every group. In case of an odd number of players at the opening ceremony Polish
Draughts Federation may chose an extra player to make an even number of players in
each group.
6. The players must have the citizenship of the Federation they represent or be
members of this federation according to FMJD rules.
7. Each federations should deliver to EDC before June 5th the list of players in order
of groups with full name, surname, date of birth. In case of any problems the
Federation should contact EDC directly.
8. Before the beginning of the tournament a preliminary meeting will be held by the
Chief Referee who will expound the present regulations to players, directors and
9. Depending on the Chief Referee decision swiss or round robin tournaments will be played.
10. Time control 2 hours 50 moeves, 30 minutes till the end of the game.
11. There is NO Barrages !
12. On the last day of the competition the Blitz Championship will be played (time
control – 5 minutes). Details will be announced by a Chief Referee.
13. Prizes:
13.1.3 medals in each group
13.2.cup for every champion
13.3.diploma for the 6 first places in each group
14. Financial conditions
14.1.Inscription fee 40 euro for the 1st player from federation in group and 10 euro for
2nd and 3rd
14.2.10 euro for each player in blitz championship
14.3.Fee has to be paid BEFORE the competition
14.4.Organizers cover all hospitality cost for 1 player from each Federation in each
group of championship. Additional players and accompanying person must pay
themselves. Full accommodation (food and 4 person room hostel) is 70 PLN per day.
14.5. To get formal invitation please send your data by e-mail: prezes@warcaby.pl
or by post on adress: Polski Zwiazek Warcabowy, Skrytka Pocztowa 54,
05-300 Minsk Mazowiecki
16. Team Championship
16.1.1st place 70 points, 2nd place 50 points, 3rd place 40 points, 4th place 30 points,
5th place 20 points, 6th place 10 points, 7th place 9 points, 8th place 8 points, 9th place 7
points, 10th place 6 points, 11th place 5 points, 12th place 4 points, 13th place 3 points,
14th place 2 points, 15th place, 16th place and the last place 1 point.
16.2.If the number of points is equal: number of 1st place, 2nd ,.. decide
17. In any other cases – FMJD rules decide
18. With all hospitality and visa questions contact:
Address for correspondence
Polski Zwiazek Warcabowy
Skrytka Pocztowa 54
05-300 Minsk Mazowiecki
e-mail: prezes@warcaby.pl tel. (++48) 697 914 697 (Russian), 515 564 116 (English).

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