International Draughts Festival - Minsk 2007

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MINSK 2007
International Draughts Festival - Minsk 2007
Belarusian Draughts Federation is inviting to take part in International Draughts Festival Minsk 2007.
It will take place in National Draughts and Chess Center in Minsk, K.Marx str. 10.
The program of the International Draughts Festival Minsk 2007 will consist of 3 tournaments:
1. GMI men group (10 participants, with norm of GMI)
2. GMI women group (10 participants, with norm of GMI).
3. Open-tournament (Swiss system, 9 rounds)
Organisers cover hospitality costs (hotel and meal) for all participants GMI groups (9 days) if Belarus federation and national federation (or club) which is represented by the participant of the GMI tournament
has an agreement on exchange of sports delegations

Participants of the open-tournament.
Accompanying persons are paying all hospitality cost by themselves. An approximate cost of the room is EURO 10-30 per person per day.
The following tournament fees are established for the prize fund formation:
GMI groups: GMI rating 2300 and more - without fee
MI rating 2250 and more - EURO 50
The rest - EURO 100
Open-tournament and children's tournament:
1946 y.b. and older, 1988 y.b. and younger - EURO 5
The rest - EURO 10
Tournament fees should be paid before beginning of the tournament in the belarusian rubles according official rate of the National bank of Belarus.

GMI groups are forming before 1 of June 2007.
Would you kindly inform us about your date of birth and passport number for invitation.

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